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Nutrition Munition

There’s a lot of fuss being made about healthy eating these days, largely owed to the increasingly ballooning human physique and the rising threat of associated illnesses like heart disease. Unfortunately, changing ones eating habits is no picnic! Junk food has a whole lot of capital; it’s cheaper, easier to acquire and highly addictive; with an enormous stronghold on the diets of millions of people worldwide. It’s sorta like the mafia boss of the food world, constantly making you offers you can’t refuse.

Fear not, you can get around it without getting whacked! The trick is just to start small…Naturally here at Gousto we champion healthy, balanced meals, and our talented chefs tailor all of our recipes with this in mind. We also have an ace up our sleeves of our own, in the guise of in house nutrition expert Vicki, who infuses a healthy dose of nutrition munition into everything that we make. Check out her simple swaps for winning at food:

Vicki’s Healthy Dose

To make a simple, highly beneficial change to your diet, try substituting white refined flour/ bread/ pasta/ grains with Brown unrefined/ wholegrain versions. These have a low GL (Glycaemic Load) which means glucose (SUGAR) is released more slowly, ensuring your blood glucose level remains steady- providing a sustained release of energy that will last you several hours.

brown grains

Go with the grain

Infinitely preferable to a spike of energy that will hit you quickly for a short amount of time before your energy crashes, leaving you hungry again within the hour!

Simple swaps:

  1. White rice = brown basmati rice/ wild rice/ quinoa/ amaranth/ lentils/ millet
  2. Cereal = wholegrain oats/ buckwheat/ quinoa
  3. White flour = brown rice flour/ buckwheat flour/ oat flour/ ground almonds/ almond flour
  4. White bread = wholegrain/ brown/spelt/ rye/ rice bread
  5. Pasta = wholegrain pasta/ spelt pasta/ buckwheat noodles/ brown rice noodles
  6. White potatoes = sweet potatoes/ carrots/ parsnips/ cauliflower

And Bam! You’ve achieved food bossdom.