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Moral Fibre

With “LOSE WEIGHT” and “DROP A DRESS SIZE” screamed at us everywhere we turn, food has been fashioned into an enemy. Resist it! Avoid it at all costs!

This means that we’ve stopped seeing eating as a way to nourish and take care of our bodies and started to consider it a minefield of loathed calories.

The thing is, getting the nutrients you need is like sorting yourself out with a solid pension fund: you’re investing in your future. You’re also guaranteeing a pretty fantastic time here and now while you enjoy optimum health – a sad rarity in the UK today.

Let’s talk fibre. Facts are facts and we fibresimply aren’t eating enough, which is bad news for blood pressure, blood sugar levels and any attempt to maintain a healthy bodyweight. It’s not actually a nutrient, as the body doesn’t absorb it: fibre is a filament that performs the unenviable task of binding to our waste products and ensuring that they all find their way out… without this fantastic filament, those toxins would be reabsorbed into the bloodstream. Hmm.

You can read more about all that here.

It must be pretty hard to come by, then, if people aren’t eating enough of it? This magical fortifier that keeps us safe from obesity, diabetes and poorly tummies? Well no, actually. As the Experience Life team eloquently puts it,

There’s no need to make a trip to a special store to find it: Nature has already thoughtfully prepackaged it in a cornucopia of vegetables, legumes, fruits and nuts.

Fibre is in all plant-based foods. All of them! So why are we failing to reach out GDA so miserably? You can get your fibre from wholegrain bread, pasta and rice if fruit and veg is something you struggle to get enough of. Lentils and oats are great too.

Think moral fibre. Think fortitude and inner strength. Coincidence? Fibre (the dietary kind) keeps your body strong from within. Without it, we’re just hopeless toxic sacks.