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The Gousto Herb List

The world is a better place with herbs in it. We use a whole range of herbs in our recipes (just take a look at the ingredients in this week’s recipes to see how many we use!) and they have a huge impact on the flavour of our dishes, making a good meal into a great meal.

If you really want to master using herbs in your kitchen, take a look at our video below showing the best way to chop different herbs – each one needs to be treated a little differently in order to get the most out of them!


Click on the picture of a herb you’re interested in below to find out more about how to use it in your cooking, learn about its medical benefits and discover a bit about the myths surrounding it. You’ll be amazed how many legends are linked to each herb! Let us know which herb you most like to cook with in the comments below!

Herbs: BasilHerbs: BayHerbs: ChivesHerbs: CorianderHerbs: DillHerbs-Lemongrass_16735Herbs: MintHerbs: OreganoHerbs-Parsley_16753Herbs-Rosemary_16743Herbs-Sage_16740Herbs-Thyme_16742