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Learn Your Herbs – Rosemary



Rosemary is a Mediterranean herb which often grows on the coastline along the seashore. This explains its name, which is taken from the Latin “ros maris” which means, quite poetically, “dew of the sea”. It’s one of the most aromatic herbs with needle-like leaves which have a lemon-pine flavour.

Rosemary has had some pretty wide-ranging medical uses through history, including:

  • To cure anxiety 
  • To help with nightmares 
  • To prevent insanity 
  • To treat impotence

Rosemary was popularly worn in wreaths by Greek scholars and tucked under the pillows during the Middle Ages. It’s scent is still associated with bringing calm today in its many uses from bath bombs and pillow drops!

Rosemary is best paired with lamb and garlic, as with our recipe for Rosemary Lamb Meatball & Mint Sauce. This pairing brings out the best in each ingredient, creating a dish that is much more than the sum of its parts. Its flavour also complements roasted vegetables and game.


Our Rosemary Lamb Meatball & Mint Sauce, with Crispy Potato Disks

If you have leftover rosemary, try adding dried sprigs to your barbecue coals to create an herb infused smokiness. Or add it to your olive oil and leave to infuse for about a week, or chop it up and mix into softened butter with garlic and spread over fresh bread – delicious!

Alternatively, rosemary is a great bathing herb. Known to promote relaxation, its calming, piny scent helps melt away stress after a long week.

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