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Learn Your Herbs – Lemongrass



One of the most sought-after herbs in various South and East Asian regional cuisines, this coarse stem is a little bit citrusy, a little bit grassy, and a lot tasty! Boasting a lemony fragrance without the tartness of an actual lemon, lemongrass has been a popular herb in Asian cuisines for centuries and is now a major ingredient in fusion cooking.

Lemony but sweet, the stalks are cut or bashed to release flavour but not actually themselves consumed. This fragrant stem is used as a flavourer, adding lightness to rich dishes and bringing out the taste of essential oils in others. In our Chicken, Pepper, and Lemongrass Curry, the lemongrass acts as a flavour enhancer and gives the dish a balancing freshness. No matter how it’s used, lemongrass elevates meals with a subtle citrus flavour that also has a hint of mint and ginger.

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Our Chicken, Pepper, and Lemongrass Curry

In addition to its extensive use in cooking, the essential oils in lemongrass have long been used in aromatherapy and as an alternative medicine. Its smell is thought to be calming, uplifting, and restorative and it helps relieve muscle pain, headaches and reduce fever. No wonder it is ingrained in traditional Indian medicine! Next time you use lemongrass in a recipe, why not save some for your own soak to make the most of the myriad of benefits it offers?

If you love the smell of citrus and hate bugs, lemongrass may just be your solution. This multitasker can be used instead of conventional pesticides to repel whiteflies and other unwanted insects from your garden. Either use citronella candles, which contain essential oils from lemongrass, or grow a lemongrass plant. A garden that smells citrusy fresh? Don’t mind if we do!

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