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Learn your Herbs – Coriander



Although coriander looks similar to parsley (both have those bright green fringed leaves after all), don’t make the mistake of confusing these two very different herbs! An easy way to remember which is which: parsley has pointy leaves, where coriander has curved ones!

Coriander, also known as cilantro or even Chinese parsley has a strong, very distinct flavour and fragrance. It has a piquant taste, a freshness like lemons and a slight pepperiness. This flavour elevates simple ingredients, allowing them to shine without needing much fanciness, while also pulling together more complex dishes in a light, refreshing way.

As delicious in a salsa as it is in a curry, coriander complements all kinds of flavours! For this reason, the versatile herb is a staple from East Asia, to Mexico, and back to the Middle East.

While most people love coriander, a small percentage can’t stand the stuff! About 10% of the population have a gene that makes coriander taste soapy. If you’ve always hated coriander and not understood why your friends go nuts for the stuff, now you know why!

Give it a go with our Goan King Prawn Curry to see if you have the soapy gene! If you love coriander like we do, be sure to add it at the end of the cooking process to enjoy the fresh flavour in full!


Our Goan King Prawn Curry

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