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Healthy New Year: Simple Ingredient Swaps

Simple Eating Swaps

Fruit and Veg

Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean going carb-free and being chained to your juicer. Making little changes to your diet in the long term can make a much bigger difference to your overall health than just doing two weeks on a massive health kick.

You might already know about the benefits of choosing sweet potatoes, brown rice and wholewheat pasta over their paler, more popular counterparts. But they aren’t the only easy, healthy food swaps you can make. There are hundreds of other clever and creative ways of making your meals more nutritious and lower in calories and fat.

These are our top three favourite creative swaps for healthier recipes.

  1. If you love a dollop of sour cream on your tortilla, you can get an equally cool and creamy hit using plain, Greek or natural yoghurt, which is lower in calories and fat even if you don’t choose a low-fat version.
  2. Mayonnaise addicts should try replacing their favourite condiment with blended avocado next time they’re making dip or sandwiches. The green stuff has the same deliciously thick consistency as the white stuff plus vitamins, fibre and only a fraction of the calories and saturated fat.
  3. Steamed fresh cauliflower mashed with a little milk and butter contains just a third of the calories in regular mash, counts as sneaky portion of your 5-a-day and even manages to be carb-free. Breaking your Maris Piper habit might be a wrench, but the benefits are numerous.

Restricting what you can eat is never a good recipe for a healthy diet. It’s much better to allow yourself a little bit of what you fancy once in a while and practice lots of healthy habits everyday!

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