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Cooking Tip: Firmer Fishcakes

For Firmer Fishcakes… 

For Firmer Fishcakes

Fishcakes are delicious but can be really tricky to get perfect. Most recipes call for them to be fried on all sides, and this creates plenty of opportunity for them to crumble into pieces during cooking!

A few people have brought to our attention that although our smoked mackerel fishcakes taste delicious, they tend to crumble or break while they’re being cooked. This might not affect the taste but it does tend to have a negative impact on the presentation!

We recommend using an egg as a binding agent, but sometimes this isn’t enough to make fishcakes stick together properly. Fortunately, there are plenty of other kitchen tricks for firming up your fishcakes.

One simple and very low-effort option you have if you have time to spare is to put your fishcakes into the fridge for a bit before you cook them. Food naturally solidifies as it cools down so cooking fishcakes from a cool temperature is a lot more likely to result in their staying in one piece!

A slightly messier option is to panne your fishcakes by dipping them in beaten raw egg, followed by flour and breadcrumbs before cooking.  Panne is a French method of cooking that is used for all kinds of meat so it’s sure to make your fish cakes taste good as well as performing a firming function!

Final suggestion, you could use a little less of the mackerel, increasing the potato:fish ratio, for a firmer cake. We know we have been generous with the fish portion in this recipe, but when it taste this good, why would we want to give you any less?