The Best HIIT Workouts From Joe Wicks

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I’ve teamed up with Gousto to bring you my famous Lean in 15 recipe range, perfect for fuelling my HIIT workouts, so you can stay healthy at home!

If you’ve been thinking about getting a bit healthier, now’s the perfect time to give it a go!

Lean In 15 has got millions of families cooking at home and eating healthy food. Combined with regular exercise, people that follow my Lean in 15 philosophy get fitter, healthier, happier and leaner.

It’s super easy to pair my recipes with your workouts, just keep your eye out for the label. Carb refuel recipes are full of protein and carbs – perfect after a HIIT session. Carbs give you energy, help your brain function and give your muscles fuel to recover after a workout. Reduced carbs recipes are ideal for rest days, because they give you energy from proteins and healthy fats.

Which HIIT workouts should you be doing?

You don’t need a gym to get fitter and healthier. There are so many bodyweight exercises you can do at home without any equipment. Squats, Press Ups, Crunches, Burpees, Running on the spot, and Lunges will give you a great full-body workout.

Not sure? Give one of my HIIT workouts a try – there’s something for everyone, no matter how fit you are!

The best HIIT workout for beginners

The best HIIT workout for the whole family

The best HIIT workout for fitness fanatics

Remember, stay off the sad step. Don’t weigh yourself all the time, take progress pictures instead because the scales cannot measure some of the most important things when it comes your body, health and wellbeing.

Get a load of my Lean in 15 recipes every week on the Gousto menu!