Healthy Halloween Treats

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If all the creepy candy hasn’t left you sick at the thought of sweets and drinks, have a look at our Pumpkin Punch and No Heart-Beet Cake, or our Halloween Party Food Ideas post for some spook-tacular inspiration.

If however you’re craving something that’s both healthy and fun, or you’re heading out trick or treating with your kids and would rather they weren’t on buzzing on a huge sugar high before they’ve even left the house, these incredibly simple healthy Halloween treats might be useful.

Orange Pumpkin 

So easy it’s a wonder not more people do it, if the prospect of carving a pumpkin feels like too much effort, or you can’t find a pumpkin at the last minute, peel a few clementines and push a slice of a celery stick into the top of them to make edible, healthy miniature pumpkins!

Banana Ghost

A second healthy Halloween treat that’s so simple it’s silly, all you need to make your these little ghosts is a banana and a few chocolate drops. Peel a banana, cut it in half then push a few chocolate drops into each half to form eyes and a mouth. For the best result make quite a few of them and herd them together into a little ghost crowd. There’s something quite surreal about having 10 or 15 of them gathered together – they look a little like the eerie Hattifatteners from The Moomins!

Healthy Halloween Treats

Apple Monsters

Our final healthy Halloween treat takes only a little more effort, but they’re great fun! To make these grotesque monsters you need apples, some rice puff cereal, grapes, chocolate drops and a sweet spread of your choice – we’ve used peanut butter but you could use chocolate spread, or jam for example.

Cut two thin wedges from the apple, and add your sweet spread to one side of each wedge. Then add teeth using the rice puff cereal, and create the monster’s tongue using half a grape. Next, complete the mouth by placing one wedge on top of the other.

To make the eyes, place small dollops of your sweet spread where you wish to fix the eyes. Then take diameter slices of grape and stick them on, adding another small dollop of your spread on top of each grape slice, and topping with a chocolate drop for the pupil of the apple monster’s eyes. Having a few different ingredients combined in this treat makes for a slightly more exciting mouthful, and one which is great fun to get kids involved in making!

If you’ve moved on from the annual Halloween hysteria but are keen to get stuck into some more autumnal recipes, take a look at How To Make Sloe Gin, and keep checking your eyes on the blog for more seasonal posts coming soon!


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