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The Gousto Selfie Comp

The best part of any Gousto meal is the moment you serve it up, with a knowing smile and just a smattering of pride. Now wouldn’t it be great if you could share this achievement with more than just your partner or dog? We reckon there is no greater way to showcase your Gousto recipe accomplishments than via the enlightened, modern medium of the selfie: humanity’s answer to the peacock display. That’s why we’re launching a brand-spanking new selfie competition; enabling you to share both your culinary ventures and marvellous mug with the world.


Jaycee getting selfied with a schnitzel

Da rules: The competition will run until the end of October, allowing you plenty of time to devise those stunning snaps. Feel camera shy? Fear not – the sky is the limit as to just who, or what, you include in your selfie. All we ask is that it features a freshly cooked Gousto meal and #Goustogorge.
You can share via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, heck we’ll even accept snail-mail if that’s how you roll!

So feel free to get as creatively cunning or artsy fartsy as your inner chef desires!

We’ll sift through our favourites and add them to the Gousto Wall of Fame – coming soon. The best snap will win a Gousto family box and Gousto goodie bag. Happy snapping!