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We’re Supporting Organic September

We’re Supporting Organic September

Organic September

This month has been decreed Organic September by our friends over at The Soil Association and we’re more than keen to take the opportunity to spread the word about the virtues of organic food.

Here at Gousto we’re passionate about organic. Fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, wine, you name it! Not only does it taste better because it’s grown exactly as it should be without any mad-made chemicals but it’s also richer in nutrients and better for you due to the absence of the aforementioned chemicals! Plus, organic food is better for the environment and for the farm animals that are reared to organic standards. Choosing organic is good for everyone, not just you!

So why not celebrate Organic September by making one organic change to your purchases this month. Your food box from Gousto obviously counts as a good start, but buying an organic moisturiser or bottle of wine can make an even bigger difference!