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The Gousto Calendar: November

The Gousto Calendar: November


Not many people look forward to November. The nights get colder, the days are wetter and it’s decidedly darker all the time. Christmas is on its way, of course, but in these early days all there really is to make you feel festive is tragically early advertisements which are more apt to move you to irritation than a verse of ‘Good King Wenceslas’.

A really good bonfire night party can change all this of course. As can an evening spent indoors with friends, preferably sipping something warm and toasting in front of an open fire while a satisfyingly wild rainstorm rages outside. The final thing we’d recommend for bringing you November joy is, as ever, to indulge in a few (baskets of) choice pieces of seasonal produce.

Yes, barren as it may seem, November is just as much a fertile time for the field as any other month. In fact, some of our favourite vegetables are made in November.

Red cabbage is a winter staple, and we were so impatient to get stewing and spicing these giant gems that we’ve started slightly ahead of time! Chop yours into fine slices, then add 3 tbsp of white wine vinegar and leave to stew in the oven or over the hob for two hours. Add apples or other autumnal fruits, herbs, spices and whatever else takes you fancy for a winning winter warmer.

White and Savoy cabbages are coming into season now too. We like our Savoy steamed and covered with salt and black pepper for a simple, satisfying and smugly healthy side dish. White cabbage is, of course, promised to coleslaw.

We’ve also recently begun a love affair with celeriac. Big as footballs, they smell like the seaside and are delicious sautéed, mashed and roasted. Potatoes, carrots, leeks and cauliflower are all at their best now too, so you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to trimmings for your Sunday roast and you can use your leftovers to make an amazing soup!

November is a month for brisk, blustery walks, hot drinks on cold nights, dreaming about the perfect Christmas and just generally rediscovering what you love about winter. The produce in season right now couldn’t possibly reflect those sentiments any more, so get your sturdy winter boots and warmest jumper, turn on the radio and light the hob.