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National Burger Day, the Gousto Way

It’s Burger Season.

Out with the cutlery – in with the handheld beauties we can devour while shuffling our summer
playlist, or adjusting the sun umbrella. Perhaps a Greek sun umbrella, warming itself in the
Mediterranean rays as aromas of grilled meat and fresh herbs waft through the air towards us…

Our Lamb & Mint Burger recipe is hands on from the word Gousto. You’ll be getting up close and
personal with your sweet potato chips, cheeky with the ciabatta and freaky with some tzatziki (you
don’t actually have to touch the tzatziki, but that was too much fun not to add in). You’ll combine
(/lovingly squish together) the lamb, softly caramelised red onion, mint and garlic and, from your
mouth-watering concoction, produce two perfect patties (or four, if you’re crowd-pleasing). These,
you’ll char for a few minutes on either side before proudly serving up with all the trimmings.

This is one of those dishes where those trimmings give the main event a run for its money. And
when the main event is a hand-blended caramelised onion, lamby, minty creation of deliciousness,
that really is saying something.

Enjoy! And, if it isn’t already there (which it should be), don’t forget to add 27 August to your calendar…