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We all want to eat local, organic food, but the constraints of everyday life make it a luxury most can’t afford. That’s where Gousto comes in – we deliver the very best local ingredients in perfect proportions to your door each week.


 What are the benefits of local produce?

  • Local produce is fresh! While food purchased from supermarkets is often stored in transit for a few days or even weeks, local produce can be on your plate within 24 hours of being picked. Not only does this mean local food tastes better, but also adds additional nutritional value.
  • Local produce is seasonal and adds variety to your diet. You can be sure you’re eating the tastiest produce that’s growing right now and as the season changes, so too does your diet.
  • Local produce is enjoyable – and not just in terms of taste. Eating local food allows us to explore our local communities and find out more about the people that grow our food.
  • Local produce supports the local economy – who doesn’t want to help out here!?


Local Organic Food


Local produce at Gousto

The majority of the ingredients for our recipes are sourced from the UK. We’ve got such great produce here and vegetables, meat and fish simply couldn’t be better elsewhere.

Vegetables at Gousto are organic and come from local supliers. Our meat comes from a family owned farm in Devon and our responsibly sourced fish comes straight from our fishmonger in Scotland.

Of course we also have some fantastic Italian, French, Japanese and other specialty suppliers, otherwise we couldn’t offer the variety on our menu that we’re so proud of. However, we’re passionate in making sure all our suppliers share our principles of fresh, organic and seasonal produce.