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Introducing: Gousto Cooks

Coming soon to a Gousto box near you – Mustardy Pork & Lentils. A taste of va va food if ever there was one, this meal plates up all the mouthwatering droolworthyness of a fancy French bistro meal, without any of the pomp and pageantry.

In the first in a new series of Gousto cooking demos, Chef Alice demonstrates how to get the most out of this fabulous fare; first caramelising the pork neck steaks in a honey and mustard coating, then serving them atop a base of ‘mire poix’ and braised lentils. Et voila, winner is served:

Get the ingredients. You can order everything you need to cook the Mustardy Pork & Lentil’s dish from our latest menu, available until Midday Friday, so get stuck in!