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The Gousto Calendar: October

The Gousto Calendar: October


Misty mornings, Halloween parties and beautiful falling leaves: everyone has something they like about October. For us it’s the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables that are now at their best. The fact that the days are getting shorter and the mornings colder can’t get you down when you have a thick jumper and a delicious medley of roasted vegetables to go home to!

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that October is the month of the pumpkin and why would you want to anyway? They make a delicious seasonal change to roast parsnips at Sunday lunch, a classic warming soup, a wonderful pie and an impressive table decoration, whether carved or not!

But don’t limit yourself to eating orange: go green with aromatic fennel (delicious roasted in a hot oven or shaved over salads), the unique texture and flavour of artichoke and super healthy kale. Corn will also be perfect this month, so don’t hesitate to fulfil any fitful dreams of spicy sweet corn mash or corn on the cob with melted butter and salt.

Wild mushrooms will also be popping up in clumps this month. However, only the reckless and the mycologists (serious mushroom experts) among us should attempt to forage their own without an encyclopaedia of fungi to hand.

For fruit fans it’s all about apples, so we predict plenty of pies, crumbles, sauces and general crunching in the kitchen this month. They might be about to lose their best friend blackberries but with figs, pears and damsons coming into season they shouldn’t be lonely for long.  We recommend combining this month’s fruits into sweet tarts for pudding and savoury chutneys for the winter. Alternatively, you can serve them with your cheese right now while they’re still fresh!

October might signal the definite end of summer but this shouldn’t mean that it’s depressing.

Variety is the spice of life and variety is one thing that October always delivers, whether through its weather or its seasonal food!