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Gousto Calendar: December

The Gousto Calendar: December


Advent calendar? Check. Thick socks? Check. Uncontainable excitement mixed with inexplicable dread of Christmas Dinner? Double check. It’s December again!

No one needs to be reminded that it’s the season of sprouts and they shouldn’t need persuading to get into the sprout spirit either! We’ve been roasting, boiling and even stir-frying ours in an attempt to find the perfect recipe for Christmas day and beyond, because we know we’re going to buy WAY too many.

But what of the other delights of December days? Most of us tend to live off sparkly sweets at this time of year and so we miss out on some real winter gems.

For example, it turns out that December is the ideal time to perfect your roux, with both cauliflower and leeks coming into their very best. Cook yours in a cheesy white sauce and serve at Sunday (or even Christmas) lunch for a perfect seasonal side dish.

It’s also the most wonderful time of year for carrots, potatoes and cabbage too, so make sure you serve up plenty of this holy trinity at your Christmas dinner but also in soups, stews and hashes this month.

So, please eat, drink and be merry this festive season and we’ll see you in the New Year with a slew of new seasonal treats!