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3 Reasons to try Gousto


Learn something new every day, that is the golden ideal, and yet who really has time for that? With Gousto you won’t need to go out of your way to pick up a new skill because it will quite literally come to you. And how many hobbies come with a healthy, delicious meal for two (or four) at the end?

Each time you cook with Gousto you will find yourself doing something a little ‘out there’ by your normal cooking standards. It might be grating courgette ribbons, blending a tapenade or creating the perfect jus glaze. Whatever the technique you use, you’ll find a certain sense of smug accomplishment accompanies your Gousto meals, as for the first time you will be able to boast about your ‘cooking skills’ knowing that they extend beyond boiling an egg.



We all know that nothing matches the taste of home cooking. Somehow it doesn’t matter how many stops supermarkets pull out; nutritional promises and celebrity endorsements might go a long way but in the end their microwave medleys never quite beat mama’s special sauce. That’s because even if they use top quality ingredients, their food is still mass-produced and still lacking the human touch.

With Gousto, you are the magician infusing that special touch of home-cooked magic into each culinary creation. The result is that even our 15 minute meals come with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ home comfort that not even M&S can hold a candle to.



We’re all so busy these days, you might even say competitively so. The modern lifestyle denotes a certain amount of self-sacrifice; exchanging me time in favour of ‘look at me’ time. Everybody’s rushing about trying to tick every box in the comprehensive book of modern living; balancing fitness classes with longer work hours, with courses and networking events, with some semblance of a social life, and that’s not even taking into account children and pets! The result is that when we finally flop down on the couch we end up wondering just where the time went; certain as hell that most of it didn’t go to us.

Gousto gives you back some ‘you time’, enabling you to enjoy one of the oldest and most relaxing activities in the world as it was meant to be. After all, cooking should be about more than just feeding yourself; it’s therapeutic, inspiring and enjoyable. Don’t put it on the backburner, embrace it with Gousto!


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