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100 Days of Gousto

We think we’ve found our biggest fan.

Getting in touch with Laurent was a no-brainer when he tweeted his ONE HUNDREDTH photo of Gousto grub. (You can check out his library of rather lovely images here.)

Laurent – thank you so much for loving us. How did you first hear about Gousto?

We received a voucher in the post when ordering something online and I liked the idea. I don’t normally try out random things but I thought it was an interesting concept… since then, we haven’t stopped.

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Why do you love Gousto so much?

The food. Above everything else, the food is just great. I love eating but I don’t have the time to be creative and go out buying all of the ingredients you need to make great meals.

I get everything I need delivered to my home to create good, healthy dishes. As far as I’m concerned, it’s spot on. We have 4 meals for 4 people every week so the price works out very reasonably.

I can now concentrate on the fun bits: preparing the food and enjoying it. There’s still the washing up, unfortunately…

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Does everyone at home enjoy the meals?

We are 4 at home: the parents and the 2 boys, ages 8 and 9. Kids being kids, they’ll sometimes be fussy if I put too much chilli in a dish or if there are too many greens – the younger one systematically dislikes everything that is green – but everyone’s happy most nights. It’s become part of our household vocabulary. I’ll be asked “Daddy, is there Gousto tonight?”

Which have been your favourite meals so far?

I honestly can’t say. We have had quite a few… and some recipes, we order every time they come on the menu. What’s great is the diversity of meals that we can have. There shouldn’t be a favourite – what’s great here is the variety.

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Has Gousto improved your cooking skills?

People that follow me on Twitter are saying that my pictures are improving over time! Also, if a recipe says I need to wait one or two minutes I no longer feel like I need to stand and watch the pot. I can get on with something else and trust that everything will be ok.

Having something like this, having something a little bit special, is a good way to get the family enjoying something all together.

Laurent is a Computational Biologist at the University of Cambridge and a loyal Gousto customer. We contacted him to offer a complimentary Gousto box as a thank you for his continued personal endorsements on Twitter and invited him to take part in this interview. Thanks again, Laurent!

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