Gousto’s Recipes for Romance

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We believe that Valentine’s Day is a chance for you to show the people that you really care about how much they mean to you. It’s not simply a day for people who are in a relationship; if you’re single on Valentine’s, you can get together with your friends or family and celebrate their company too!

Whether you’re single, you’ve been in a relationship for years, or you’re something between the two, we reckon the best way to show how much you care about someone is to spend quality time with them. This year we’ve been playing cupid by creating four Valentine’s evening plans to help you have the perfect evening in with Gousto – our ‘Recipes for Romance’.

Click on a gif below that you think best represents the kind of relationship you’re in to see the recipe, wine, treat from the Gousto Marketplace and (with the help of our friends at Bloom & Wild) bouquet of flowers we’ve picked out to create the perfect Valentine’s night in.

So, which will you choose?

happily single valentines gousto     newly matched valentines gousto

comfortably coupled valentines gousto      vintage valentines gousto

Let us know what you think of our Recipes for Romance and which is your favourite in the comments! We know one size doesn’t necessarily fit all – these are just suggestions – so if one of these isn’t a perfect fit for you, you can always mix and match with different Gousto recipes, wines and Valentine’s goodies from our Marketplace, or take a look at the Bloom & Wild website to see the full range of beautiful fresh flower bouquets they have on offer.

To get planning your perfect Valentine’s evening in, take a look at the Gousto menu now:

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