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Gousto Stories – Millie & Sam

Millie and Sam are a young married couple who live in beautiful Cornwall and share a love of the outdoors, their adorable bulldog Norman and newborn baby…and Gousto’s recipe kits! We caught up with Millie (super-cute baby in tow) to hear how she and Sam are cooking tasty, healthy meals every week and saving time in the process, thanks to Gousto!

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“The biggest plus is that Gousto has simplified our lives”

“To be honest I was shocked by how much time I was spending shopping for food, menu planning and cooking each evening”, says Millie, “The biggest plus is that Gousto has simplified our lives.”

married couple, pregnant woman

The idea of having all the ingredients for a range of exciting recipes delivered to your door is quite new, and people are still getting used to just how much easier becomes when you start using recipe boxes like Gousto. Millie was no exception: “For some time I couldn’t fully commit to the service. Call me a ‘control freak’ but I couldn’t let go of buying my own groceries, planning our weekly menu and breaking away from our staple eats. I’m a creature of habit I suppose.”

It was when Millie was pregnant, and Sam and her were feeling the need to simplify the working week more than ever, that they suddenly realised how much the service could offer them. “Gousto became a permanent fixture in our lives. Now Baby Jones has arrived, we have even less time to think about food, so we’re still using Gousto every week!”

“We never get bored of what we are eating now!”

“I love the service as it’s great value for money, gives you fab variation and it’s effortless to manage”, says Millie. She looks forward to Wednesday’s when the new menu comes online, chooses individual recipes via the Gousto app and that’s it! Her box is with her in as little as three days!


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woman and her baby

Millie, with the new Baby Jones!

It’s also been a great way for Sam and Millie to taste food they never would have thought to cook at home before using Gousto. “For me it’s all about picking something new and trying everything on offer” says Millie, “I try to pick one dish each week that normally I wouldn’t go for – such as the Tofu Noodle Ramen. We never get bored of what we are eating now!For Sam, it’s all about the convenience: “[he] loves any of the ‘one pot’ dishes, he thinks they are ingenious and loves the Easy Chicken Harissa Curry.”

“Sam’s cooking skills have improved as he is cooking a wider variety of dishes”

cooking a Gousto recipe

Sam in action cooking Gousto

On top of helping the couple discover new recipes, they have found that Gousto is making them better cooks while freeing up more of their time to concentrate on the things that matter. “Sam’s cooking skills have improved as he is cooking a wider variety of dishes, and Gousto offer lots of handy tips and tricks to speed up the cooking process. We now eat a more varied diet, have more time to enjoy our evenings (no mad rushes to the supermarket to pick up the ingredients for our evening meals) and most definitely have reduced the amount of food we used to shamefully but accidentally waste.”

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