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Sustainable Fishing – use the MCS’s Good Fish Guide

Sustainable fishing

Overfishing is a real threat to our oceans, and it could be that the shape of our diet is changed in future years as fish stocks decline – the Marine Conversation Society (MCS) currently estimates that up to 80% of European stocks are overfished. Conscious of this at Gousto, we always check if fish has been sustainably caught when sourcing fish for our recipes.

When natural fish stocks are managed with good policy they can provide consistently high and sustainable yields. Conversely, overfishing can cause dramatic drops in fish populations which in some cases can prove irreversible. An alarming example is the overfishing of Cod in the Atlantic: In 1992 the Canadian government had to place a moratorium on Cod fishing off the coast of Newfoundland after the Cod population fell to 1% of its original level. It still has not recovered.

One charity which does a fantastic job of promoting sustainable fishing and creating awareness about and the dangers of overfishing is the Marine Conservation Society. They have done wonders to help educate the public on how to select sustainably sourced fish by publishing their handy Good Fish Pocket Guide. You can download this guide by clicking on the link below and use it next time you are in the supermarket!