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Vicki 13.07

Stop! Traffic lights don’t work

Nutritional facts can be tough nuts to crack. Understanding your body, your food and the synergy between the two is a prerequisite for understanding the stuff scribbled across your shopping. We’ve made it our mission to be your nutcracker.

Every Monday resident Gousto nutritionist, Vicki, will be demystifying diet to help you on your quest for truly nourishing meals.

Last week the Universities of Birmingham and Glasgow published studies which struck us as incredibly interesting – and worrying. Both unis looked at the nutritional information that food companies provide for UK consumers, and how it’s digested. When we grab a product in the supermarket with every intention of making a healthy choice, we focus on just a few snippets of the information overload we’re presented with: not too many calories? Green light for sugar? Sold.


Putting the traffic light labelling system under the microscope, the Birmingham study found that hurried shoppers are taking home poorly picked purchases, due to what they perceive on the packaging. “Is a product with two reds and three greens healthier than a product with five oranges?” the research begs. The truth is, it‘s just not that straightforward. Attempts to oversimplify nutrition are leading to mass befuddlement. “The Government must focus on educating consumers on what constitutes a healthy diet”, the study concludes. We agree.

Brand messaging, found the Glaswegian study, is causing us to separate food into two categories: good and bad. Vicki’s tips on health and nutrition will banish any doubt that food is a lot more complex, and interesting, than that. It isn’t all naughty vs nice! Balance is key.

“Fatty foods can be health sensations while calorie-reduced dishes can be really bad news”, says Vicki.

Gousto meals are put together by people who know their stuff. With us, you can be sure that you’re getting all the salubrious sustenance you need!

Coming next week: the Facts on Fat.