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Spooky Salad

This weird and wonderful veg, which has been delivered in Gousto boxes up and down the country this week, has sparked a social media contest that even our wonderful Marketing team couldn’t have dreamt up…

Cavolo nero Lacinato kale Palmkohl Expo Milano 2015 Italy Food

Supermarkets like selling cavolo nero ready-chopped, but we thought you guys would have fun beholding this gift from the ground in all its natural glory! Your #cavoloneroselfies suggest that you’re unfamiliar with this extraordinary member of the Brassica family. One tweeter even suggested it might be otherworldly…

Cavolo Nero is the slightly sweeter cousin of kale and hales from Italy, but we grow ours in the picturesque Vale of Evesham. Grown all year round, it’s particularly tasty after a good frost (just like sprouts and parsnips). It’s wonderful in a whole range of dishes, from hearty minestrone soups through to pastas and light salads.


Ease yourself into a life with this peculiar veg by checking out our simple Cavolo Nero Linguine recipe. You’ll rip up the cabbage into bite-size pieces, boil and rinse it before chucking in fresh thyme, crushed garlic, onion and anchovies. Double cream and thick linguine round off this phenomenally tasty dish.

A word from Chef Alice: “Cavolo nero is a lovely, dark Italian cabbage, otherwise known as black kale. It’s jam packed full of iron – so good for you!”

Thank you to @andycoxon1, @muzzy333 and @raistllyn for letting us use your selfies! Have a very Happy Halloween, from all of us here at Gousto 🎃

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