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New Year…New FOOD!

The New Year has landed with a crash and a wallop, and whether you are nursing a bad hangover or just enjoying some tranquil reverie, there’s really no time like the present for new beginnings. ‘Start as you mean to go on’ they say, the overriding sentiment behind those all too often ill-fated new year’s resolutions. Because let’s face it, we all suffer from temporary delusions of grandeur when it comes to self-improvement, and these tend to correlate entirely with the time of year.

We might start the New Year fully intending to climb mountains, quit drinking and diet like Gwyneth Paltrow, but somewhere along that lofty journey our resolve wanes and suddenly that elevator ride, pint at the local or fried chicken seems really, really appealing. Here’s an incredibly scientific breakdown of this effect:

NY Graph

So what can you do? Everywhere you look it seems like someone is blasting you with that hackneyed slogan ‘new year, new you’, spurring you onto making more doomed determinations and setting yet more impossible goals which you’ll abashedly deny were serious before the Easter Bunny’s even left his warren. Well here at Gousto we think the trick is to start small, and tasty. New year, new food is what we say! That’s why our culinary maestros have been working their socks off in the Gousto Cookpit to create some new meals that check all the boxes; nutritious, low fat and delicious!


A sight for sore eyes hungover heads – chicken & kale detox bowl

Throughout January we’ll be treating you to some ravishing detox recipes especially formulated to accommodate detox diets and help you embrace your resolutions with Gousto! These are packed with vitams, iron, fibre and antioxidants to energise you and spur you on through those harsh winter days. But don’t just take our word for it, these recipes have the Olympic seal of approval; as tennis champion and ex-Olympian Rina Einy has tried and tested these herself:


I love this recipe, it’s just what you need to cleanse your body and invigorate your mind so that you can go the extra mile. Protein-packed chicken and mineral-rich kale are blended into a smooth, nut-free version of pesto; creating the ultimate composition of nutrition and taste. Ideal for kick-starting the new year with some real get-up and go!


You can’t argue with that, but what about the rest of the year? Well we like to think Gousto offers more than a quick fix, in fact the difference home cooking can make to your health, waistline and overall wellbeing can be astronomical, even if you opt for a heavier meal. That’s why throughout 2015 we’ll be offering you more tips, tricks and recipes than ever to make cooking simple and enjoyable, and make a change that’s worth sticking to. So from all us here at team Gousto we wish you a happy, healthy & tasty New Year. Let’s bring it on!