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FT Fresh Frozen 2

“A consumer revolution in eating habits”

Today, the FT reported that Swiss giant Nestlé is feeling the pressure. Demand for healthier and organic options is impacting, heavily, upon the frozen food industry; Nestlé accounts for a significant chunk of it.

It’s fascinating to see how food companies are reacting to this “revolution”. Approaches which include upping the fruit and veg content of products are promising: according to the FT, Nestlé is endeavouring to sever the association between heavily processed foods and frozen foods.

For us here at Gousto, articles like this are uplifting. Wholesome, nourishing food is our passion and making it more easily accessible to you, our mission. Seeing headlines like this (“Changing tastes spur Nestlé to take fresh approach to frozen food”) splashed across the papers tells us that that people want what we have to offer.

Nothing, in our minds, can match fresh food cooked from scratch in your very own kitchen. Of course, we’re all busy and convenience is key… this used to mean compromising freshness for efficiency, but no more! Gousto enables you to choose from an array of chef-designed recipes; we deliver all of the fresh ingredients you need to create the delectable meals, right to your door. We’ll even walk you through how to make them, because we’re nice like that.

Now you’re cooking.