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5 Top Tips To Avoid Food Waste

As it’s Earth Day today, we thought we’d share a few money and waste saving tips that will not only keep your tummies and bank managers happy, but will also make your bin man happier too!

Look how happy this chap is… this could be your bin man!

1. Buy what you need.

When buying your groceries every week, you need to be mindful of the quantities you purchase. When following recipes, make sure you get only what you need, if it says one lemon, just buy one lemon, not a bag full! If your forced to buy more than what you need (for instance, my supermarket only sells red onions in multipacks) choose another recipe that will use up the leftover ingredients. If you choose your recipes so that they share some similar ingredients you will reduce your waste and also spend less!

2. If you’re cooking for two, only cook for two!

When planning your meals, keep in mind how many portions the recipe makes. If the recipe makes enough for four people, but there’s only two of you, half the ingredients. I know many people that cook only for themselves, but use recipes that are created for families of four. They always end up with the same two options; eat Bombay potatoes and rice everyday for a week, or throwaway most of it. It’s usually the latter. In future, keep in mind quantities and whom the recipe is for, halving or quartering everything to avoid waste.

3. Have a leftover day!

Here at Gousto, we set aside one day a week to cook up all our leftovers from all the recipes we develop. We call it Thrifty Thursdays! Check out our latest recipe, Lovely Leftover Cauliflower Fritters.


Instead of planning a meal for everyday, why not leave one day empty? Use this day to create something out of what you have lying about in your fridge and cupboards. In this situation Google (or Bing if that’s your thing!) becomes a powerful cooking ally! Why not try a new recipe that uses as many leftovers as you can get in. Those leftover cooked potatoes and veggies can also be used in a tasty bubble and squeak you know!

4. Stop Peeling Your Vegetables!

A large quantity of your kitchen waste can be placed onto vegetable peeling. Peeling is time consuming and no one likes it… NO ONE! Let’s cut this bit out of cooking shall we? The skins of vegetables often contain additional nutrients which our bodies would love to have, so lets leave them in! Don’t just use the florets (or trees as I used to call them as a kid) of Broccoli use the stem as well. They tastes just as nice I promise!

5. Get Creative!


Any ingredient in the kitchen can get a second life. The freezer is much more than just a place to keep your fish fingers! Why not think outside of the box when freezing your food? Instead of throwing away your herbs why not freeze them? Next time when using herbs, chop up the leftovers, mix with olive oil, pour into ice cube moulds and freeze them. Now when you next go to cook, instead of just using oil, melt a herby oil cube in the pan to add more flavour! This is just the tip of the iceberg (get it? I was just talking about ice cubes… never mind), fruit can be made into jams and smoothies, and veggies can be blended and used in soups (served with stale bread croutons for added thriftiness!). Think outside the box with your ingredients!