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Little Chefs

For us, nothing beats hearing how much you love Gousto. Each beautiful supper snap and every five-star review means a great deal to our team.

When we thought things couldn’t get any better, lovely Samantha tweeted us news of our fan base expanding:

Gousto has always been about facilitating the creation of wonderful dinner times. Making it simpler to get from hungry to delighted, famished to full, is our mission. So, hearing that our boxes are making the littlest of eaters excited about food gets us pretty excited as well.

This morning, the Belfast Telegraph published an article about making mealtimes fun being more than just a bonus when it comes to neophobic kids. It’s an important part of our survival instinct, to be wary of new food, but it’s something that must be overcome in our children if their diets are to include all the good stuff.

“Simply putting fun into food is the key to making kids voracious vegetable eaters”, says children’s food expert Lucy Thomas.

Our dishes, if we do say so ourselves, put the fun into fruit and veg like nothing else: we blitz, bake, blanche and bread them in ways that we suspect you never thought of trying. Our fun to follow recipe cards are child-friendly and rather enjoyable to collect up into a wad of delightful, slightly-smeared-in-butter memories.

Embark upon the veggie voyage of discovery with your little ones and never look back!