5 Essential Summer Vegetarian Recipes

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Pretty much every vegetarian is familiar with that awkward moment at a friend’s summer barbecue: the coals are hot and it’s time for some serious grilling, then out comes a tray stacked with beefburgers, sausages, steaks and chicken. “Where’s the veg?”, you ask, and your friend points sheepishly to a bag of sweaty supermarket bought salad, already wilting in the sun. We’re pretty confident that lettuce and ketchup in a bap isn’t anyone’s idea of a delicious vegetarian meal…

Don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten to keep summer special for vegetarians as well! The Gousto Cookbook is packed with a huge range of vegetarian recipes that our customers love. We’ve picked out 5 vegetarian recipes that you need in your life this summer below.


1. Heatwave Harissa Halloumi Sandwich

Harissa Halloumi Sandwich & Carrot Slaw
Using a unique method of preparing halloumi which involves ‘boiling then rolling’ the delicious salty cheese, this vegetarian burger is brimming with flavour, thanks to a harissa mayo and a homemade slaw topped with peppery nigella seeds.

Cooking Time: 45mins
Customer Rating: 5star
Best For: Making the beefburger brigade at your next barbecue jealous with the meatiest of cheeses.


Read the full recipe here!


2. Red Pepper & Mango Paneer Kebabs

Red Pepper & Mango Paneer KebabsWhat’s better suited to a barbecue than a kebab!? This vegetarian dish has been given a summery spruce by toasting the rice before cooking it, and topping skewers of red pepper and mango with a mango chutney, turmeric and nigella seed infused dressing.

Cooking Time: 25mins
Customer Rating: 4star
Best For: Making it an Indian summer with the exotic combination of mango and paneer, and learning a skill by toasting rice.


 Read The Full Recipe here!


3. Triple Green Pasta Primavera

Triple Green Pasta Primavera


This linguine dish brings all of the greenery of summer – leek, spinach, seasonal runner beans, chives and dill – together in one vegetable extravaganza along with Cornish clotted cream and Italian cheese to make a delicious and refreshing pasta – YUM in the sun!

Cooking Time: 20mins
Customer Rating: 4.5star
Best For: Getting away with being healthy and indulgent at the same time!

Read The Full Recipe here!

4. Halloumi, Lemon & Courgette Kebab

Halloumi, Lemon & Courgette Kebabs

OK so we know this is the second kebab on the list, but we couldn’t resist (and hey, it’s barbecue season)! Here, the skewers are stacked with courgette and halloumi chunks and drizzled with a chilli and lemon dressing for a summery zing.

Cooking Time: 30mins
Customer Rating: 4star
Best For: People who just want to try a bit of everything: halloumi, bulgur, courgette, citrus and chilli dressing…it’s all here!

Read The Full Recipe here!

5. Honey-Kissed Rainbow Couscous

Honey-Kissed Rainbow CouscousBring out the flavours of barbecue with honey and smoked paprika creating some seriously tasty, sticky, sweet and smoky vegetables. For us, this quick, flavour-packed dish is the perfect taste of the summer!

Cooking Time: 20mins
Customer Rating: 5star
Best For: Preparing quickly before a picnic so you can show off a little bit of al fresco couscous magic to your friends

Read The Full Recipe Here!


Like the look of these recipes? We have hundreds more just like them! Take a look at this week’s menu to see what’s available right now, or browse our Cookbook to see all of our recipes. Comment below and let us know what your essential vegetarian recipe is this summer!



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