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The world’s best pepper + Gousto = <3

We bring you the best black pepper in the WORLD, hand-harvested and sun-dried in the hills of the Western Ghats, India. We bring it to you, not just in a bag, but as the crowning glory of our exquisite lemon pepper chicken dish!


Google “Kerala” and you’ll want to book a one-way flight. Palm-lined shores and emerald waters, this tropical Indian paradise is one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s also where Tom, co-founder of Peppermongers, first discovered Tellicherry black pepper…

beautiful evening on the backwaters

And it was a game-changer. Only the fruitiest, largest 10% of peppercorns make it into Peppermongers’ “Rolls-Royce”. Our chefs got their hands on it and showcased the hot, firey, fruity flavours in this mouthwatering chicken dish, served with rosemary sautéed potatoes and fresh spring greens. We’re putting the pep(per) back on your plate!



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