The Battle of the Ultimate Christmas Burger

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We think the festive season is all about pushing flavours to their most delicious limits, which is why this year our recipe developers have gone all out on the Christmas burgers. If you’re veggie or vegan, you might already be sighing in disappointment, used to being pushed to the side and forgotten. Well, get your bibs out – this Christmas, everyone’s invited to the burger party. In fact, our Ultimate Vegan Christmas Burger is so deliciously delectable, even the carnivores could be converted

To help you decide which recipe to add to your Gousto box from this week’s menu, myself and my fellow blogger Mimi have gone head to head, burgers in hand.

The Ultimate Christmas Venison & Camembert Burger

Gousto The Ultimate Christmas Venison & Camembert BurgerReviewed by Gousto blogger Sophie


This burger is a match made in hedonist heaven. I mean, just look at it. Feast your eyes on this glorious festive king of a burger. On the rich red caramelised onions as they spill like jewels from the golden brioche bun. On the irresistibly creamy camembert as it oozes lazily down over the tender minced venison.

This burger is the sort of shamelessly delicious masterpiece that crowns the menus of trendy independent eateries selling craft beer and locally brewed ale. Except you’ve just made it in your own kitchen. Serve it on a chopping board instead of a plate and you’d never even know! Because you, dear reader, are a god among burger-lovers. Time to feast on the fruits of your labour.

Grasp that gourmet gift to mealtimes and sink your canines into your carnivorous creation. Savour the fluffy crunch of brioche as it gives way to the sweet tang of balsamic caramelised onion. Let the bliss take over as your taste buds meet the deep, buttery creaminess of melted camembert, laced with a hint of zesty cranberries. Question the meaning of life as that creamy goodness envelopes the juicy, richness of minced venison.

…still with me? I’ll give you a moment.

Now that you’ve emerged from your flavour-induced blackout, rejoice! For that was only the first bite.


Grief. A sense of a beautiful thing ended. All those flavours, just a memory. All that’s left are the savoury juices on your fingers and the fruity aftertaste of cranberry sauce. Tonight you will dream of camembert.


The Ultimate Christmas Vegan Burger

Gousto The Ultimate Christmas Vegan BurgerReviewed by Gousto blogger Mimi


Staring at this juicy burger stack with its side of rich thick gravy, I know I’m in for a treat.

A perfect patty. So moist, the juices are soaking into a glistening, buttery-looking brioche, the cheese oozing down the sides. A classic formula with an upgrade – because everything is vegan.

The gravy smells rich and savoury, like it’s been simmering for hours. The enticing Brussel sprout slaw with mushrooms is fragrant, smokey and delicious.

It looks the part, so let’s see if it tastes as good as it looks. I am so ready to find out.

I dive in, and my eyes mist over. It’s… sublime. Juicy and moist with just the right chew, and plenty of umami aroma. That sharp, smoky slaw cuts through the rich savoury patty, and the gooey cheese-that’s-not-cheese melts over the lot.

It’s time to put my knife, fork and shame away and plunge this burger into the plant-based gravy for a second bite. Mmmm. The unbelievable flavour of eco-friendly choices. Who knew it tasted so much like burgers and gravy?


Somehow I feel… healthy? Messy – yes – but, surprisingly, not greasy. Maybe that’s down to the knowledge that this burger uses 90% less water and emits 90% less greenhouse gases than a standard beef burger.*

Whether you’re vegan, veggie, flexi, or just doing your bit, trust me, this burger is for you. It’s the shining star at the top of your Christmas feasting.

Need a meat-free option this festive season? Choose this. Your planet and taste buds will thank you. And here’s another reason to feel good – even if you don’t change your diet the rest of the week, switching to a veggie meal like this just once a week will help reduce your carbon footprint. Merry Christmas!


*2018 study by University of Michigan on life cycle of plant-based meat replacement burgers vs. standard beef burger. 

Hungry to try our Ultimate Christmas burgers for yourself? Add them to your Gousto box from this week’s menu and give us your verdict!