Our Marketplace just got a whole lot bigger!

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Gousto Marketplace customer feedback

If you’ve used Gousto before, you’ll know about our Marketplace. This is the feature that lets you add extras – like chocolate, wine, and special ingredients – into your box once you’ve chosen your recipes. Well, we’ve just made it a whole lot…bigger.

We asked our customers how Gousto could improve…45% said they’d like to see more alcohol (we’re not here to judge!) and 62% wanted to see more desserts on offer. Inspired by this feedback, we’ve given our Marketplace a spruce up. It now has 40+ products including a drinks, desserts, snacks, kids’ treats and loads more!

Here’s how to browse the Gousto Marketplace:

  1. Choose the recipes that suit you from our weekly menu
  2. Log into your account on the Gousto website, click the ‘My Deliveries’ tab to view your upcoming boxes and find the box saying “Fancy Something Extra?” – click on ‘Add To Your Box’ in this to view the Marketplace
  3. Browse 40+ items in our Marketplace and add your favourites to your next box with 1 click

haddock spanish rice and coriander oil with marketplace additional products

Let us know what you think about the Marketplace expansion in the comments!


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