A Flash In The Pan With…Vicki

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Vicki is our nutritionist here at Gousto, and a real champion of positivity. If we ever need proof that balanced healthy eating is good for your mood – Vicki is that proof! Each week we ask the staff member we interview to bring with them an item that means a lot to them; Vicki’s brought her awesome headphones, not a surprise as she always has them on her!

Hi Vicki! How are you today?

Great thanks! How are you?

What’s the first meal you remember eating?

Probably a pasta dish with tomato sauce and lots of cheese (Not the healthiest!)

Who inspires you?

Laura Whitmore, Joe Wicks & Madeleine Shaw

What are your three Desert Island Dishes (3 meals you’d bring with you to a desert island)?

Margherita pizza – My absolute favourite, I couldn’t live without it!
• An avocado superfood salad – because I love fresh, green, plant-based food, knowing that I am providing my body with essential nutrients makes me feel great.
Bacon & eggs with spinach – it’s healthy-ish and keeps you feeling full, eggs are a complete protein source and do not effect blood cholesterol (like many people believe!)

And your favourite Gousto recipe?

It’s so difficult to choose just one, but the Fast Mu Shu Pork Lettuce Boats are so delicious AND healthy!

What’s the world like in 2050?

Like 2016… but better!

Why the Headphones?

Because I love music & dancing 🙂 It makes me happy!

Sum yourself up…

The glass is half full 😛


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