8 Health Tips To Help You Feel Great From Joe Wicks

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It’s January, and that means resolutions! We all want to make the new year better than the old one but a lot of people end up making unrealistic short-term goals that they can’t maintain throughout the year (especially around what they eat!).

New research by my friends at Gousto has revealed that more than two-thirds of Brit’s surveyed don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ restrictive diets anymore, with 28% of people agreeing that January is the best time to form new habits.

That’s why my top tips for you this January are all about making long-term lifestyle changes. Start prepping like a boss, choosing healthier snacks, and trying short bursts of regular exercise  – changes that will build up little by little to have you feeling fitter, healthier and happier.

Give them a go and they’ll transform how healthy you are and how you feel physically and mentally, all year long.

Get some fresh air

The grey weather and post-Christmas blues definitely don’t make you want to exercise. If you aren’t feeling the gym, get outside during your lunch break, get moving and take in some vitamin D. Find somewhere new to go for a walk, take a colleague – it’ll boost your step count and your mood!

Cook your own meals

Cooking at home with fresh ingredients means you know what goes into your food – and it doesn’t have to be boring either! One in five Brits believe that cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients is the best way to eat well and with Gousto you have up to 50 recipes at your fingertips every week (including four from my range). There’s something to suit every lifestyle and all the pre-measured ingredients are delivered to your door.

Bring a water bottle with you

There are loads of benefits to drinking more water, like brighter skin, healthier hair and better immune function. If you find it hard to hydrate, make it a habit to bring a reusable bottle with you on-the-go and at work. Then any time you feel a bit parched, you’ll reach for it instead of going thirsty.

Make exercise fun

Exercise should be fun, not something you dread. Keeping fit doesn’t necessarily need a gym, loads of equipment, or even much time. Boost your routine by injecting some fun: exercise with a friend, join a team sport in your area or try a new activity like climbing or swimming. It doesn’t matter what exercise you do, find something you enjoy and you’ll find it much easier to stick to.

Snack healthy

We all love a snack to keep us going. Next time you’re hungry and reaching for crisps, think about easy alternatives you can make yourself that are higher in proteins and good fats to fill you up and give you slow burning energy – some of my favourites snacks include, nuts, fruit or peanut butter. Here are some easy recipe ideas for healthy homemade snacks. 

Don’t fear carbs

Carbs give you energy, help your brain function and give your muscles fuel to recover after a workout. Plus they fill you up! They’re not the enemy, so don’t be afraid of them.

Guilt-free is the way to be

Cutting any food group or depriving yourself of the foods you love will make you crave them more, and make you more likely to overeat when you do succumb to temptation. One in seven Brits admitted that they have never had a successful diet, with the same amount saying that their most successful diet only worked because they really enjoyed the food they were eating. If you make healthy food choices most of the time, you absolutely shouldn’t feel guilty about treating yourself to a nice meal out or a delicious dessert.

Find the time

After a crazy day, going to the shop, cooking and exercise can seem impossible to fit into a whole evening. It’s more tempting to flop on the sofa with Netflix and a ready meal.

But there is another option – one of the things I love most about Gousto is that you can skip the supermarket queues and cook quick, tasty, healthy meals at home. They’ll deliver all the pre-portioned ingredients to your door. With the time you save food shopping, you could even fit in a quick home exercise like some relaxing yoga, or one of my 15 minute HIIT workouts. And, one of the things that motivates me most to exercise is that it actually GIVES you more energy.

This year, be healthy on your terms. Find exercises that get you up in the morning, food that you’re excited to eat and make goals that work around your lifestyle.

Gousto and I are determined to make flexible healthy eating even easier for busy families. I’m excited to develop my range of Gousto recipes even more this January, adding a healthy mix of vegetarian, meat and plant-based recipes with all the pre-measured ingredients delivered to your door. Check out my exclusive range on the menu now, with new recipes every week.


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